Learning Linux

Learning Linux

Windows may be the predominant operating system, Linux has also been around since the 90’s.  It is used to run everything from the Android phone you have in your hand to refrigerators connected to the internet of things.  Linux has been used to keep the internet running and power the stock exchange.

What is Linux

Linux is an operating system just like just like Windows or Mac OS, but it isn’t used that often by the average computer user.  If you take the time to learn Linux then you will understand how it makes a good alternative if you’re sick to death of the Windows versus Mac debate.  Linux is a powerful operating system that gives you control of the computer through the command lines that you are able to input.

If you’re old enough to remember computers back in the late 80’s of early 90’s then you remember when command lines were the norm.  Using command lines are what frighten away people from the operating system.  However if you want to learn Linux and aren’t into command lines you can use a graphic interface.  But the level of control is worth it.  Yes, Linux can be daunting at first but there are plenty of places to learn, here are some great places to learn Linux for the beginner.


Linux Survival is ideal for the beginner and it will go over even the most basic of commands like creating files and directories, also deleting and moving files.  You can also learn how to change permissions and redirect output.  The lessons start off slow, don’t worry about becoming overwhelmed.  If you have never even seen Linux on a computer screen before then this is the place to start.


Once you grasp the basics then you can move on to learning how to use the command line or the shell.  Operating systems like Windows or Mac OS use a graphical user interface for navigating around the computer.  Command lines are better suited for some tasks.  Linux Command will teach you what a shell is, what you can do with it and how to use it successfully.  Once you have that down you can write your own scripts.


Here you can find lots of tutorials that were put together by some of the leading engineers and developers in the industry.  Their knowledge and experience are all here and you can get the latest news on the world of open source software.  The tutorials aren’t necessarily ideal for the beginner but once you learn a bit about Linux you will feel right at home.